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As professional computer consultants and instructors, we at Coronel Data Processing have discovered that 80-85% of all computer related problems are due to user, the other 15-20% being hardware or software. The user problems can be as simple as not being able to correct a simple printing problem to as complex as accidentally deleting important system files. Most user related problems can be easily fixed or avoided with a little computer knowledge. Our program can help you learn about your computer! In The Electronic Computer Tutor we have placed a computer glossary of the most used computer terminology. You no longer have to be in the dark wondering what the gurus are saying. We have also put in a section on hardware. Click on what you want to learn more about and you will get a pop-up screen telling you about it or you will be taken to a screen with a much more in depth break-down. This will give you an appreciation for your computer as well as a much better understanding of how it works. The Electronic Computer Tutor has a section about basic computer maintenance. Often, the problems that we as computer consultants encounter with our client's computers are related to a lack of maintenance. With a few simple steps, your computer can stay problem free for years. Our program has a special powerful Internet section and a Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 tutorial modules. We explain what the Internet and Windows are and teach about their high points. We have a section that gives Windows basics, tips, and tricks. Finally, there is a built-in course guide and electronic quizzes to challenge and test your computer knowledge.

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